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This is my second visit to Luca had to come back such a nice place can live here for ever wow Luca all my wishes came out again this time was introduced by JB from Out of the Blue in Small la laguna will be back next year ciao

i was in puerto galera last year but haven't visited luca. reading all the positive comments here, i am now looking forward to experience luca soon!

I am a Filipino and one thing I consider the most important everytime I went for a vacation with my family or friends is the FOOD. The quality and taste of Luca's Italian menu is the BEST! I will have to recommend everyone to try their pizza when you visit Talipanan beach. I always order different pizzas from them for every meal so I can taste everything! Their best seller is "Luca Pizza," surely, your tummy will never forget after tasting it and the price is definitely worth it! :) Also, after so many times of visiting and lodging at Luca's resort, I noticed that there are visitors from White Beach, Sabang, and Tamaraw, that came a long way just to grab a meal at Luca. Which only means that their food is worth traveling for. Adding up to their delicious food is the peaceful ambience, the cleanliness of the resort, the clear water of Talipanan beach, Luca's friendly crew, and their great service. This place is incomparable! I'm not trying to be be bias because I have also tried other resorts from other beaches of Puerto Galera, and instead of relaxing myself because I am on my summer vacation, I was stressed because of my disappointments from these other resorts, but I think that's inevitable when you're spending your money and not getting what you expected. So moving forward, my heart fell when I found Luca Miramare Lodge. My friend recommended me to try lodging in at Luca's, and one thing is for sure, I am in love at this place! My expectations are all here and I thank my friend for sharing me this paradise. Now, I will recommend this to you if you're reading my feedback. Rest assured, lodging in at Luca Miramare Lodge is the best choice you'll ever make when visiting Puerto Galera! :) Hoping to see you when I visited this place again! ^_^

hi good day! we've been here before with my family. my husband's co-worker at Philippine Immigration referred us to we celebrated my husband and my son's birthday there. It's such a very nice place, so relaxing. the food has a good taste and delicious. and the staff are friendly. the beach is so clear and clean. the transportation was so easy.For now we already have booking at Luca Cucina with my friends. i want them to see how beautiful this place is. i really love this place and i want to come back here again and again.i'm had so much fun here. we're so excited now, can't wait to see the beautiful place... i'm counting the day see you! have a great day....

just arrived manila from this relaxing, safe and great place.. we only had an overnight stay and promise to come back with my family for a long week end vacation.. i hope we can get a booking on may 1-3..

CLEAR WATER, GREAT BEACH, GREAT PLACE, GREAT FOOD, NICE PEOPLE.... what else can you ask for?!...nothing of course...been here last month oct 29-31,2011 and i can say that staying for about 3 days here was really short. . . and Yes! I absolutely enjoy our stay, surely 101% im going back here. same beach,same place with same people. Thank you Luca and to your partner for serving us your FAMOUS and really tastful PASTA's and your very own and unique GIANT PIZZA's... im sooo ♥♥♥love♥♥♥ it!!!....swear!!....also Thank you for welcoming us when we arrived and for giving us a very nice accomodation.Keep it up and ill just see you soon.. .^_^. ciao -MissCee♥

spent our 2nd year wedding anniversary here. love the place! we'll definitely come back! thanks luca and daniele! please send our regards to your staff and our friend, brent. :)

This is my first time in Puerto Galera (specifically in Talipanan), Luca Cucina Italiana and Lodge...such a peacefull and serene location, simply close to nature where you can enjoy authentic Italian pasta and pizza along with the varied italian cuisine...a perfect italian selection brought out by Luca himself and his staff. Native dishes are served as well...Thank you very much to Luca, Daniele and my kin [Annabelle (Didie) & Melody (Bem-bem)] and the rest of the guys during my stay. Just a short and fleeting moments in Talipanan but a such a splendid time spent and experience enjoying the beauty and serenity of the place. I'll be back with family next time...

thank you very much for the wonderful accomodation we had during our stay. we had a quiet, strees free, peaceful stay in your lodge, the delicous and huge serving of food everytime we order, the spacious and cleanliness of our room and also the friendly staff you have. just keep the natural beauty of your place. we will surely comeback...keep it up..wishing you more guest to come...more pizza and pasta to be serve.. have a nice day !!!!

This is our 2nd visit to Puerto Galera and sure won't be the last! Celebrated my birthday at Luca's Miramare and I was surprised when the staff (such sweet young ladies) brought in a CAKE! I had a big smile on my face because it has a tiny candle on it and the wind blew it before I did (nyahaha). Luca baked it when my husband (secretly) emailed and ordered dinner and cake couple days before we came. 3-layered chocolate cake, super! Oh, did I tell you about dinner? Seafood Marinara - to die for! They have lots of other great Italian food that will surely make you come back. Kudos Luca and Anabelle and to all your staff! We will be seeing you again very soon!

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