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CLEAR WATER, GREAT BEACH, GREAT PLACE, GREAT FOOD, NICE PEOPLE.... what else can you ask for?!...nothing of course...been here last month oct 29-31,2011 and i can say that staying for about 3 days here was really short. . . and Yes! I absolutely enjoy our stay, surely 101% im going back here. same beach,same place with same people. Thank you Luca and to your partner for serving us your FAMOUS and really tastful PASTA's and your very own and unique GIANT PIZZA's... im sooo ♥♥♥love♥♥♥ it!!!....swear!!....also Thank you for welcoming us when we arrived and for giving us a very nice accomodation.Keep it up and ill just see you soon.. .^_^. ciao -MissCee♥